SOFIsecure utilises the SOFIbeacon technology as a lightweight, easy to use mobile personal alert system and can issue an emergency SOS to multiple people at the touch of a button. Equipped with global positioning and mobile network technology, it can instantly pinpoint a person’s location and enable immediate voice contact via a built in speaker phone.
When help is needed, simply press the SOS button on your SOFIbeacon to consequently call up to five emergency contacts.

The SOFIbeacon also sends an automatic text message to your friends/ family members with your current GPS location when the SOS button is used.

Family members/ friends can directly call the beacon to communicate with the user.

SOS Call Button

Up to 5 Emergency Contacts

Nationwide Connectivity

Speaker Phone


GPS Location

SOFIhome tells me to do certain things like take my medication, eat lunch or whatever I need to do. I think the SOFIhome will help out anyone. It will help them out 100%.

Josh Taylor

SOFIhome has allowed my son to maintain his independence. And with this new technology, I have peace of mind.

Lynette Macdonald

I think one of the good feataures of SOFIhome is that it talks to you, it has a nice voice and its a bit of company. The medication reminders are a really good thing because sometimes I do forget. 

Eden Warren
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Sofihub comes with a hub and sensors. The sensors are placed in different rooms to learn regular movement patterns. The Sofihub package comes with the following features:

  • Greetings - good morning, welcome home
  • Reminders - appointments, birthday reminders, bin night reminders
  • Sofihub Web Portal - for changing settings, adding reminders and viewing activity logs.
  • Medication Reminders
  • Carer Notifications
Does it require internet and power?

Sofihub works out of the box, requiring only the hub to be connected to power, the Sofihub sensors run on batteries.

Sofihub comes fully connected via the 4G network to send alerts and receive software updates. In case of power cuts Sofihub also has a 4 hour backup power.

How easy is it to set up Sofihub?

Clear instructions are provided to assist you with sensor placement and connecting sensors to the hub. No drilling or wiring is required.

We can also recommend qualified installers, please select this option when ordering your Sofihub.

Is it available in all homes?

Sofihub works best in single occupant homes.

Homes with more than one occupant will have limited functionality.

How can I set reminders in the hub?

Carers of the resident are provided with a Sofihub login and password which they can use to login to Sofihub online interface and customise the reminders.

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